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Caudalie Saves My Skin, and the Planet

March 31, 2017

via Alexis Farah

Some things in life are a given. Like if you spend a week in Vegas for a BFF’s birthday, your face is going to pay the price. Think dryness from the heat, sallowness from the lack of sleep and secondhand smoke, and the fine lines that’ll seem more prominent after smiling feverishly during the Backstreet Boys concert (or is that just because I’m getting old?).

So upon my return to LA, I needed to do some major damage control. And it felt like I’d hit the jackpot (sorry, couldn’t help myself), when I remember that a friend had given me Caudalie’s new VINE[ACTIV] line. The luxe brand, famous for their Beauty Elixir, just launched an “anti-pollution” Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum and 3-in-1 Moisturizer for the woman on-the-go who’s looking to maintain her glow (brand speak for GET ON MY FACE!).

After applying the power duo with speed that could break Guinness Book records, I did see a difference. The combo uses Vitamin C for brightness and a natural form of hyaluronic acid to add bounce back to my skin, which drank it up. (Real talk, I did have to use extra helpings since the formula is lightweight and I needed industrial strength hydration!). But the outcome left my face looking better than before the trip to Sin City.

And my pitiful face isn’t the only thing Caudalie is working to save. They’re also helping maintain a lush, vibrant earth as a 1% for the planet member. What does that mean, you ask? Since 2012 the brand has been donating 1% of their annual worldwide turnover to environmental projects. That includes supporting reforestation, helping develop sustainable palm oil, and working with the sustainable, fair-trade, and organic Shea butter industry.

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