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Veronica Webb’s Invaluable Advice for How You Can Give Back 

March 10, 2017
Veronica Webb

via Veronica Webb

When they’re not walking the red carpet, these A-listers are doing their part to make the world a better place. Each Feel Good Friday: Celebrity Spotlight, we’ll highlight these do-gooders along with simple ways to support their efforts.

For decades the world has looked up to Veronica Webb. Sure it’s often because they have to, she’s 5’10, but it’s mainly her path through the beauty and fashion worlds that led to her icon status. In the 90s Webb was the first African American to receive an exclusive beauty contract with Revlon. The model went on to walk countless runways (including the Victoria’s Secret fashion show), co-host Bravo’s Guide To Style, and eventually launch a lifestyle website for women over 40,

And as if that lengthy resume wasn’t enough, Webb added another role that allowed her to further connect with the community looking up to her: Mentor. In 2016 she launched a business mentoring program in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, choosing one recipient, Ashley Lyles, as her mentee. Webb meets with the budding journalist and beauty pageant contestant one on one covering topics from work and travel to makeup and fashion.

Here the ageless beauty details her experience with the project, and shares smart advice for making time to give back.

Alexis Farah: Beauty and fashion mega-icon, lifestyle coach, and now mentor; what inspired you to launch a business mentoring program? 

Veronica Webb: Thank you for your kind words! I have to hand it to Allison Vaughn, founder of Jackets for Jobs, for inspiring me to take a Detroiter under my wing as a mentee.

AF: And what does the program include? 

VW: I mentor Ashley Lyles in her endeavors to become a medical journalist à la Dr. Oz. Ashley is working with my team and I on my blog, and preparing for a trip abroad as a medical student to assist in the treatment of chronic diseases in developing nations. We’re also working on her entry into the Miss Michigan pageant. I’m helping Ashley with everything from travel advice to makeup application, and how to walk a runway.

AF: Even with a packed schedule you’ve still found time for many charities over the years (LIFEBeat, The National Breast Cancer Coalition, The Red Dress Foundation). What would you say to someone who doesn’t think they have the time to commit to a cause? 

VW: Charity begins at home. You can make the world a better place instantly by committing to three random acts of kindness every day. Acts of kindness don’t always have to be random. You can ask someone you know what one thing could you do for them that would make their life easier, and commit to doing that one thing consistently. The internet also makes things easy. Google the top three rated “most effective” charities, or go onto and find a social entrepreneur project to invest in that will change not only technology but people’s lives for the better.

AF: We’re such huge fans of you and your mission, how can we help? 

VW: I would love for people to follow me on social media and post/message me about the things they do in their daily lives that help improve the world around them.

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