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The Candle That’s Shining a Light on the Water Crisis

March 29, 2016
Aveda Candle

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While living in New York my concerns about water were limited to the filtration system. Was the tap clean? Did it taste OK? Just in case, I cycled through several Brita pitchers during my ten years in the Big Apple. But beyond that I didn’t give it much thought.

Now I take H2O (and my access to it) much more seriously after living in a city experiencing a drought. An extreme water shortage will make you rethink everything from how you do dishes to the length of your shower. And for a girl with a serious product addiction (I’ve been called a hoarder more than once), cutting down on shower time has been a challenge … to say the least.

Nevertheless the conditions in California pale in comparison to what’s going on in communities around the world and even Flint, Michigan.

Access to clean, useable and drinkable water is essential for survival and when an environment fails to deliver, the results can mean dangerous, even fatal outcomes.

To make waves for an environmental issue that affects us all in some capacity (some more dire than others), we need to elevate the discussion far beyond the buzz around Earth Month or isolated incidences of natural disasters.

And in an effort to ensure that the conversation doesn’t dry up, Aveda is entering its 10th year of supporting Global Greengrants in providing access to clean water in communities around the world. The hair care line that has raised over $38 million for the cause to date, has also crafted a limited-edition Light The Way Candle for Earth Month that will benefit families in India. Each purchase of the $12 candle will help provide six months of clean drinking water to a family of six in Umbari, India. 

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