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Shop to Save Puppies 

August 26, 2016
Shop to save puppies

via Snappa

Anyone who knows me knows that I prefer puppies over (most) people. My love for petting each canine that crosses my path has been known to cause sidewalk traffic jams. But my commitment to keeping them safe has lead to a fostering gig with Social Tees Animal Rescue. There’s nothing I cherish more than checking Instagram for updates on my former fur babies (yep, they have their own pages with follower numbers far larger than mine! #AdoptDontShop).

IMC_Cookie_Bag_HR_2100x1897_300_CMYKSo when I recently opened an email from certified cruelty-free beauty brand, Jane Iredale, and saw a puppy face staring back at me, I had to read on (see photo at left). Turns out, the brand has taken their mission one step further by creating a limited edition, “Cookie Bag.”

The too-cute-for-words makeup clutch features the founder’s Miki (a new, mixed dog breed), Cookie, and helps support the Berkshire Humane Society just in time for National Dog Day on August 26th. For each $18 bag sold, the makeup line will donate a portion of the proceeds to the shelter in honor of their ongoing commitment to the compassionate, cruelty-free treatment of all animals.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to make you click “add to cart,” the case is also lined with lavender essences, a soothing scent that symbolizes the comfort you’ll be affording the pups waiting patiently for their forever homes.

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