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Natalie Wood’s Daughter Honors Her Mother’s Legacy with a Charitable Fragrance 

May 26, 2017
Natalie Wood

via Natasha Gregson Wagner

When they’re not walking the red carpet, these A-listers are doing their part to make the world a better place. Each Feel Good Friday: Celebrity Spotlight, we’ll highlight these do-gooders along with simple ways to support their efforts.

Natalie Wood was famous for her roles in Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without a Cause, and West Side Story, but it’s her lesser-known role as a philanthropist that daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner chose to honor with a recently launched fragrance line, “Natalie.”

The scent, that’s a dreamy blend of freesia, orange flower, and gardenia, pays tribute to Wood’s signature aroma. “A waft of gardenia could bring me back to private moments with my mom. Her laugh. Her hugs. Her effervescence,” says Gregson Wagner, who also chose a charity partner reminiscent of her mom’s work as a spokesperson for the National Children’s Day Council. It was this dedication to children and the arts that inspired the brand’s financial commitment to CoachArt, an organization that teaches art and athletics to chronically ill children.

Here, Gregson Wagner shares her personal experience with CoachArt, the best beauty advice her mom gave her, and why you may want to start hash tagging #NamedforNatalie.

Alexis Farah: We love the “Natalie” fragrance and the philanthropic tie-in! Why was it important to create a gardenia-based scent in your mom’s memory? 

Natasha Gregson Wagner: Gardenias were my mom’s favorite flower. Growing up, my parents always grew them in our backyards. Today, my sisters and I keep that tradition alive.

My mother’s love for gardenia’s went further than just growing them, she always wore the scent Jungle Gardenia. When creating Natalie Fragrance, we wanted to honor her signature floral scent but with a modern twist by adding notes of citrus.

AF: Tell us about CoachArt: What is it and how does the partnership honor your mom’s legacy? 

NGW: My mom loved children and the arts. She began acting at age 4 and was a strong proponent of the arts and children being able to express themselves creatively. CoachArt brings the arts to children with chronic illness. I love watching the kid’s faces when they find the freedom within themselves to express themselves authentically.

AF: Did your mom share any words of wisdom about the importance of giving back? 

NGW: My mom knew that she was a lucky person. She was a very giving charitable person. When I was young she was involved with Unicef. She also created an acting scholarship at UCLA that my sister and I continue today.

AF: What about beauty advice, did she have one great tip or trick that stuck with you? 

NGW: My mom had the most incredible, expressive eyes. She always did her eye makeup by herself. I would sit in her dressing room and watch her paint her eyes with black powder and a brush. She would dip her little brush in water and then in the back powder and then create her magnificent eye.

AF: This is all amazing! Aside from shopping the fragrance, candle, and book, how can we support the cause?

We created #NamedforNatalie on our website because we have learned that so many women were named after her. It has been fun getting to know the different Natalies!

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