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“Everyone” Uses Aromatherapy to Boost Morale in Shelters 

January 23, 2017

via Alexis Farah

My first foray into the self-soothing world of aromatherapy came out of need. I needed to sleep better so I’d sniff lavender before bed. I wanted to feel more awake so I’d drop a peppermint shower tablet at my feet before sudsing up. At the first signs of a cold, I’d incorporate eucalyptus body wash into my skin care routine.


My Sparoom Diffuser + Relax Oil

And since each scent seemed powerful enough to get the job done (even if it was the placebo effect), I started exploring new ways to utilize essential oils for overall wellness. Take, for example, my new ritual of dabbing an energizing citrus infusion onto my wrist each morning, or adding a few drops of Relax oil to my diffuser each night. Each have made it easy to create my own “chill zone” reminiscent of a spa, while also serving as a remind to be present and take some “me” time each day.

And because of the clear benefits of aromatherpay, I was especially excited to learn that one of my favorite sources of essential oils, a brand called “Everyone,” was sharing the gift of “me time” with communities that needed it the most. “Aromatherapy creates positivity for the human spirit, and we believe all people can benefit from the uplifting attributes of essential oils,” says the brand who has donated thousands of products to nonprofit partners like Homeward Bound and Delancy Street.

“We regularly hear stories about the scent of our lavender soap having a positive, soothing aromatherapeutic impact on the people who use it, especially at shelters and transitional housing facilities where stress can run high,” they continue.

But the brand isn’t stopping there. They plan to grow their philanthropic movement and are calling on the public to help expand their reach. How? Click here to learn how shelters, schools, or transitional housing facilities can apply to be a community partner with Everyone.

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