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A Simple Way to Support the Cause Close to Your Heart 

April 13, 2016

via Snappa

Over the course of my nine years in Manhattan I was fortunate enough to attend countless beauty events, including those hosted by The Body Shop. It always impressed me how each presentation by the brand had a socially conscious message or activity.

Anjil's response to my letter

Anjil’s response to my letter

Take, for example, the time The Body Shop highlighted their efforts to help fund schooling for girls in Nepal (who might otherwise not receive education) by giving editors the opportunity to write a letter to one of the girls benefiting from the partnership. Anjil wrote me back in January 2014 (see image at left), just a year before an earthquake devastated the country. I have remained hopeful that the Anita Milan Academy, where Anjil was in school, remained untouched.

Today The Body Shop continues to enrich lives in the United States and around the world through product partnerships and campaigns. Their latest endeavor focuses on the positive and powerful message of change. For every limited-edition Hemp Hand Protector purchased, $2.20 will be donated to The Body Shop Foundation, the charitable arm of The Body Shop International. And because the brand wants to reinforce that we each have the ability to affect change in our own hands, you decide where the money from your purchase goes. How? The Body Shop offers the ability to vote for the cause closest to your heart at checkout.

Tweet me @actsoflipstick and tell me which cause you’d vote for: our planet, our people and animals or our oceans.

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