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A Helping Hand

February 2, 2016
Helping hand

Via Snappa

I’d always assumed that one of the perks that came with moving across the country from New York to Los Angeles was that I’d avoid flu season. After all it’s 70 degrees and sunny here, while the East Coast is getting blasted with cold-inducing low temperatures, where people are packed into tight spaces sneezing on one another. But I was proven wrong when I was hit with not one, but two cases of deathly illness recently (OK I’m being dramatic but it felt really really bad!). Sneezing? Check. Sore throat? Check. Headache? Check. All the signs were there and I had to face the facts: I have to be just as germ-averse in California as I was back in Manhattan.

And that includes additional hand washing (I always do anyway but this made me really up my game!) at 20 seconds per lather to really scrub away germs, according to the CDC.

Just like back home, the frequent washing really started to dry out my skin, which is why I was especially excited to find Goldfaden MD’s Hands to Heart, a hydrating treatment that soothes dryness and cracking with niacinimide, alpha lipoid acid, and avocado oil.

For the entire month of February, the brand is showing their support for The American Heart Association by donating ten percent of the total sales from the hand cream to boost the charity’s research efforts and help raise awareness around heart disease, the #1 killer of women.

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